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The 19th Century saw a period of rapid expansion of the British Empire with all its associated battles to either claim or retain territories

We have put together a guide for each one, just click on the links below for information and images.

1st China War Medal

Egypt Medal

North West Canada Medal

2nd China War Medal

Ghuznee Medal

Queen’s Mediterranean Medal

3rd China War Medal

Gwalior Star

Queen’s South Africa Medal

Abyssinian War Medal

India Medal

Queen’s Sudan Medal

Afghanistan War Medal

Indian Mutiny Medal

Scinde Medal

Ashantee War Medal

Jellalabad Medal

South Africa Medal

Candahar, Ghuznee & Cabul WM

Kabul to Kandahar Star

Sutlej Medal

Cape of Good Hope GSM

Khedive’s Star

Transport Medal

Central Africa Medal

Kimberley Star

Waterloo Medal

East & West Africa Medal

King’s South Africa Medal

East & Central Africa Medal

New Zealand Medal