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Date Instituted



First World War 1914-1918


Four pointed star with the top point being hidden by a crown, with scroll in the centre with the year `1914-15’ in the centre surrounded by a laurel wreath with the ‘GV` at the bottom and two crossed swords in the background.


Plain except for naming of recipient`s details


60mm high and 45mm wide




Block capital letters in 3 lines on the reverse in either small or square sans serif capitals.


 1 – ‘5th AUG-22nd NOV`

Approx. Medals issued

378,000 were issued to members of the BEF and Royal Navy


When the ribbon was worn without the medal clasp those entitled to the Mons Bar wore a silver rosette in the centre of the ribbon; however this rosette was worn by many recipients of the 1914 Star who were not entitled to the clasp believing it denoted the earlier of the two stars. To qualify for the 1914 Star the recipient had to be on active service in France or Belgium. Many naval personnel therefore only qualified for the 1914-15 Star unless they landed in France or Belgium before December 1914.

1914 STAR