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Many medals of a huge variety are lost or stolen each year and we have a list by medal type of some of them. Please see below for links to our databases of details of specific medals which have been reported as lost or stolen.

All the medals listed on the website are shown word for word to what the client provides. Please pay particularly attention to the spelling of the name and service number on the medal you are wanting to list, for example if you know the name is spelt wrong then that is what you write down and same to the service number, otherwise write details as you know it.

WW2 medals fall into the bracket of not being engraved with recipient details particularly the Stars, Defence and War medals, we have decided to include every medal we are advised was Lost or Stolen regardless if generally known a particular medal was not engraved, this will also apply to other medals that are generally known not to be engraved. I have seen on several occasions over the past 40+years WW2 medals named (done privately by recipient to medal). Most relatives are unaware of this private engraving especially if medals were placed in a frame or the medals placed in a draw and forgotten about.

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