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Helping locate missing medals.

Welcome to is a website for both amateur and keen historians interested in British military history. We also provide a service whereby we are a reference point for all information relating to British medals and their related campaigns.

Helping both new and veteran collectors, we source and locate medals, and also hope to give intellectual pleasure to those interested in browsing our pages.

Medals are won by brave and memorable soldiers: it is our pleasure to help those who are interested to learn more about our heroes’ achievements.

Our mission statement is to encourage knowledge, and to help both British and international collectors procure medals that would otherwise be difficult to locate.

Whether a new or experienced enthusiast, our aim is to help you find any, or specific medals, and to assist in the development of a basic or even more comprehensive collection. Whether for personal or professional pleasure, or as a wonderful heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next, medals can be valuable and precious.

Even more special would be to use this site to locate a lost medal, which had been won by a family member.

Each medal will have a description and we are liaising with the most reputable and respected international medal dealers. Our purpose is to ensure that all medals should be available and with a full description of the medal and relevant campaign.

We hope that you will enjoy reading through the site and we are here to help you if further elaboration is required.

Helping you to find medals
 won by heroes