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Helping locate missing medals.

Not sure of the medal name?

Many medals of a huge variety are lost or stolen each year and we have a list by medal type of some of them.

Please see links to our databases for  details of specific medals which have been reported as lost or stolen.

If you would like to register a medal as lost or stolen with us, please CLICK HERE and fill in the form. There is no charge, but you must have a Police Crime number for any stolen medals or lost medals you would like to list on the site.

Some medals listed on the site pages without a Police crime number are details provided by museums or MOD or are just awaiting Police crime reference numbers from clients.

If it is a war medal, click on the tool bar Campaign Medals at top of the home page and browse on a date range to narrow your search for the medal.

Lost or Stolen Medals and Awards


Click here to download our databases of Military, Civilian, Coronation, Olympic, Police,
RSPCA, Long Service, Nursing & Decoration medals…